This new architectural photography web site has been developed to show case my images. I formed David Millington Photography in 2001 and after a successful photography career as a studio still life photographer I turned my camera on to architecture. Here I'll be posting new articles relating to architecture that I find interesting and also some of my own photography news.

St. Mary's RC College and NHS Great Harwood Health Centre Shortlisted for LABC Building Excellence Awards

The LABC Building Excellence Awards are all about the essence of good buildings. 

The finalists are not judged on architectural beauty, but on the "Excellence" shown from a construction and technical building control point of view. The awards recognise not just buildings but celebrate their design and construction teams that have overcome technical issues, difficult sites and found innovative and creative solutions. 

Architectural photographer David Millington was commissioned by Eric Wright Construction to photograph both the projects. The architects for St. Mary's College and Great Harwood Health Centre were IBI Nightingale.

St. Mary's Catholic College Classroom | Architects: IBI Nightingale | Main Contractor: Eric Wright Construction

 NHS Great Harwood Health Centre | Architects: IBI Nightingale | Main Contractor: Eric Wright Construction